Mr. Josua

DOB: 12/09/1994


Although, I wish to stay anonymous; I did feel that it is very important for me to state my story, regarding my hair loss; as for last four to five years, I have been fighting with this battle and very well understand, how traumatic the situation can be! As a student, like many students of my age group; my hair is very important and integral part of my personality. Hence, it was never easy for me to shave off my head and accept the fact that I am losing my hair.

Say about 5 years ago, I suddenly noticed that my hair is beginning to thin out from top of my scalp. Although, it was not an overnight affair, but it was indeed very shocking for me. Since, both maternal as well as paternal side of my family was suffering from baldness, for a while, I had to accept that there is no way I could really avoid it! Shortly, after that I spotted number of adverts for costly shampoos, serums, treatments; with the same sales pitch of false promises to stop my hair fall, and promote growth, immediately; and that was the same pitch, basically, I was more interested to hear.

Well to cut a long story short, all trials and errors I did on my hair was a total waste of money; and for the next few years my problem continued to grow. One day, when I was badly searching for any new technology that can resolve my problem of hair thinning; I came across ‘the youthful me’ claiming to be offering successful technology of regenerating lost or thinned hair in a natural, yet effective way with the help of stem cells and PRP technology. Now this was something that I was originally against, but the more I read about it; I was getting convinced that I should go ahead with the treatment under them.

The procedure almost took a whole day to complete. I arrived at the place early on that morning and left in the evening, by almost 6:30. However, I walked out of the clinic without any bandages, open wounds and stitches. The next morning following the procedure, I returned back to undergo checkup. As I had been informed that I would notice change in my issues over the next few weeks and then hair strand will start growing from my roots. As I was told, I took almost a month to stop my hair fall and a period of 5-6 months to grow new visible hair strands.

I have just had 9 months post stem cells procedure and I am 100 % satisfied with the results. I am no longer conscious of my hair and honestly, don’t even bother about it any time.




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