With "The Youthful Me",   the New Age of Beauty will be Born Through Science!


Modern contemporary lifestyle and technology has overloaded humans with lot of responsibilities, which can lead to physical and mental tiredness. With medical advancements and technological upgradation, the life expectancy has increased, but the quality of life has depreciated to a significant level.A consistant degree of exhaustion, weakness and in general "not so good" feeling has become the global 'new normal' motto. This lifestyle shift has accelerated, the rate at which we are ageing or atleast showing signs of early ageing. While no one can stop the natural phenomenon of ageing; "The Youthful Me" anti-ageing protocol, can certainly revive vigour and feeling of youth in your life. Our patented protocol, with the application of Adipose Derived Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can help you restore your energy levels that you were experiencing 10 years ago and refill your life with the youthful energy that you once thought was lost forever!

The signs of aging:

Depending upon hormonal changes and our indulgence on life’s excesses, we go through many different phases with respect to strength, stamina, vitality, etc. that can be linked up with signs of ageing. In order to understand our body better; we have briefed here, about what happens inside us during our thirties, forties and fifties:

In your Thirties

  • Onset of wrinkles.
  • Reduced metabolism and weight gain.
  • Reduced fertility, increased breathlessness.
  • Weakened bones, increased disease risk.

In your forties

  • Increased stress level due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Decreased muscular strength and drooping bones.
  • More susceptible to mental disorders.
  • Delayed metabolism.

In your fifties

  • Decreased organ functionalities.
  • Achy joints, weakened muscles and bones.
  • Onset of diseased condition such as loss of memory.
  • Decreased stamina and lack of energy.

Treatment Principal

A combination treatment of Adipose (Fat) Derived Stem Cells stimulated with your own blood derived Platelet Rich Plasma can boost the deepest layer of the skin in stimulating cellular mechanism of your body, boost up the metabolism and promote stamina, vigour and more production of energy. The procedure is painless, non invasive, risk free and can be performed in an out patient basis in a matter of few hours. "Feel Fit" is a specially designed, personalized Therapy protocol prepared with the natural biological ingredients present in you! Our primary goal is to improve overall health, extending active life style and improve the stamina and immunological makeup in preventing different age related diseases. We aim at enhancing the overall agility and mental sharpness for a better physical response in an individual.

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The tell-tale effects of the ageing process may begin to take their toll, once you cross your thirties. Lack of energy, reduced stamina, hormonal imbalance and other health issues; it seems that just as you finally get a grip on what life is all about, the natural ageing process may rob your confidence and ability to enjoy life. But with the cutting edge holistic infusion of your own stem cells stimulated with autologous platelet rich plasma; you can now actually turn back your biological clock.

In your Thirties

  • Reduced stress level.
  • Promote secretion of mood lifting neurotransmitters.
  • Improved stamina.
  • Maintained level of bone density.

In your forties

  • Increased muscular strength.
  • Regularization of blood sugar, pressure and hormones
  • Achievement of mental stability.
  • Normalized metabolism.

In your fifties

  • Improved organ functionalities.
  • Reduced joints and muscular pain.
  • Improved immunity and metabolism.
  • Improved stamina and work efficiency.

Why Should You Choose TheYouthfulMe?

We strive to offer you the best possible solution for your ageing related issues. In this regard, we are constantly investigating and upgrading with latest technologies and recommend them to our clients, when they make sense! With our latest stem cells technology, we stimulate your own dormant cells to differentiate into desired cells.

  • Application of SVF and its stimulation with your own PRP is India's very own, exclusively designed unique protocol.
  • The protocol has been formulated through various safety and feasibility checks to maximize its effectiveness.
  • We are a GMP grade, certified class 10,000 facility with standardized, regulatory compliant operations.
  • We can propose you various cost effective solutions that are best in world.
  • We provide specific customized packages based on your needs; to offer you complete value based services.
  • We have been well accloaded and nominated by our many happy clients, for the best in class hospitality and counselling.
  • We have been endorsed for good success rate in boosting metabolism, physical fitness along with the enhancement in the stamina, energy and vigour.
  • Multiple treatments are possible with us.
  • We believe in complete transparency and hence are providing a third party certificate of authenticity with every procedure.

Package Details

  • Dedicated relationship manager.
  • Full medical counseling before your arrival.
  • Assistance in logistics – procuring visa, booking air tickets, transfer from/to airport, hotel booking etc.
  • Healthy diet planning by nutritionist.
  • Medical tests, diagnostics as required.
  • Stem Cell Therapy.
  • Processing of Stem Cells in accredited lab.
  • All medical charges including OT, Anesthesia, Doctors charges, hospital charges etc.
  • All consumables and medications during your stay in hospital.
  • Follow-up if needed.

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