Let your Hair decide your Age!


Healthy, lustrous hair work as a crown to add and enhance your overall appearance. It boosts your confidence and helps you move away from the boredom & cliché and try different looks. Currently, variety of creams, oils, gels are offered externally along with some methods such as hair grafting, scalp expansion, etc - the use of which results in unsatisfactory and unnatural look. Unfortunately none of the contemporary methods address the root cause of hair loss which is body’s inability to produce more hair, till now. We now have the technology and the know-how where we can address the root cause of hair fall and not just try to grow hair in an artificial ways. Adipose Driven Stem Cells along with Platlet Rich Plasma Therapy repairs, rejuvinates and replaces the damaged cells in the scalp and aid in new hair growth, improving texture of hair and helping you in getting that youthful look that you thought was lost in time.

The signs of Hair Loss:

Today, hair loss is a very common problem irrespective of gender and age. Variety of factors may influence your hair growth cycle, such as pregnancy, stress, genetic make up,fast-on the go life style, etc. It is thus quite reasonable option, to keep a check on your hair growth and texture; and get the problem rectified at its initial development. In this regard, some of the common complaints received at us, can be noted as: Few temporary bald patches, hair thinning, delayed hair growth, freezy hair, less hair population around scarred area, split ends and visible patched, etc.


To know more about how many of our satisfied clients have benefitted from our 'Hair Therapy'; endorsing it to be the most effective treatment; read testimonial below.



A 53 year old golfer by profession underwent Hair Therapy, with 'The Youthful Me'and is astonished with the dramatic improvement.

Pooja Singh


meet our contributors

A 35 years old professional desperately wanted to restore his frontal hairline back. Hair Therapy with " The Youthful Me" indeed worked for him!



meet our contributors

A 23 years old student,lost lot of hair due to familial trend of Androgenic Aloepecia; and Hair Therapy at ' The Youthful Me' worked the best for him.



Treatment Principal

A combination treatment of Adipose (Fat) Derived Stem Cells stimulated with your own blood derived Platelet Rich Plasma can boost the deepest layer of the skin in stimulating collagen synthesis, fat synthesis and promote keratinocyte production. The procedure is painless, non invasive, risk free and can be performed in an out patient basis in a matter of few hours. The stem cells administration and their engraftment can create a perfect microenvironment; to host significant development in structural and functional make over of your hair. In this treatment, the SVF cells are activated with patient's own Platelet Rich Plasma; which can stimulate weakened follicles to promote new follicular synthesis. This in turn can lead to the production of new, healthy hair shafts with add on growth and lusture. These stem cells are as well be able to regulate natural immune system of your body preventing it from self attack.The stem cells therapy can thus evidently activate resident hair stem cells and network with other follicles; which have shrunk due to ageing process.The follicles are observed to respond the signalling process by actively stimulating hair growth; thus naturally restoring your hair back.

The goal of The Youthful Me Hair Therapy protocol is a tailored treatment offered to fix the real problem. The treatment can stimulate your immune system, slow down the balding process and spark new hair naturally, to make you regain your confidence level back with the help of stem cell treatments.

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Why Should You Choose 'The Youthful Me'?

We strive to offer you the best possible solution for your ageing related issues. In this regard, we are constantly investigating and upgrading with latest technologies and recommend them to our clients, when they make sense! With our latest stem cells technology, we stimulate your own dormant cells to differentiate into desired cells.

  • Application of SVF and its stimulation with your own PRP is India's very own, exclusively designed unique protocol.
  • The protocol has been formulated through various safety and feasibility checks to maximize its effectiveness.
  • We are a GMP grade, certified class 10,000 facility with standardized, regulatory compliant operations.
  • We can propose you, various cost effective solutions that are best in world.
  • We can as well provide specific customized packages; to offer you complete value based services.
  • We have been well accloaded and nominated by our many happy clients, for the best in class hospitality and counselling.
  • We have been endorsed for good success rate in minimizing balding patterns, strengthening hair shafts and offer a full range of hair solutions.
  • Multiple treatments are possible with us.
  • We believe in complete transparency and hence are providing a third party certificate of authenticity with every procedure.

Package Details

  • Dedicated relationship manager.
  • Full medical counseling before your arrival
  • Assistance in logistics – procuring visa, booking air tickets.,transfer from/to airport, hotel booking etc.
  • Healthy diet planning by nutritionist.
  • Medical tests, diagnostics as required.
  • Stem Cell Therapy .
  • Processing of Stem Cells in accredited lab.
  • All medical charges including OT, Anesthesia, Doctors charges, hospital charges etc.
  • All consumables and medications during your stay in hospital.
  • Follow-up if needed

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